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Dirty He-Man & Evil-Lyn WIPs

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– It’s not what you think!“

– But of course it is… He-Masochist.”

I played around a bit doing He-Man related stuff starting with Evil-Lyn. For her I modeled her helmet, staff and couple of skulls. She’ll probably need arm bands on her biceps. Pants she can do without – I like how goofy she looks in the second image without any.

I also modeled He-Man some gear and I didn’t even have to rig any of it. I would’ve loved to have used a more accurate hair but he looked like too big of a douche bag with his customary medieval bowl cut. Modelling a new hair might be a bit more work than I’m willing to put into this.

Erotic art

Demon Hunter and friends – character WIPs

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Demona – character WIPs

Just fooling around with a evil demon mistress type of character. A little bit goofy and not exactly plausible but not something you would go and laugh at either. Except possibly when she’s flying with those wings that are attached to her ass…

I started her out with another character that I’d dubbed Christina. Figured that wouldn’t t exactly be an appropriate name for a demon, hence the brilliant “Demona”.

Deminnie – character WIPs

Another kinky demon with brilliant name to keep Demona company.

Demon Hunter

… And our angelic demon hunter.

See, he’s well trained and prepared. I’m sure he’ll do really well.

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Christy – Wet map WIPs

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Here are a few renders I did with some new wet map presets I worked on today. ( I produced a few new presets for tan lines too.) These new wet map presets are definitely an improvement to my old (secondary specular only) presets which I’ve used in several images and I think they’ll do… until I come up with something better.

The first image has some quick postwork on her joints and all have been color corrected as usual. I did a widescreen desktop wallpaper version of the first one too, but I think the maximum size on Tumblr is 1200px. Sorry about that… you can find it (for free) on Renderosity, though.