Where else can I find you on the Internet?

What programs do you use to make your images?

I mainly use

  • DAZ Studio 3 Advanced for setting up the scenes and rendering (it’s really old, I know)
  • Photoshop for post work and color correction as well as for texturing needs
  • Blender for modeling props, dynamic clothing, easy figures and such, doing custom morphs, light cloth simulation, liquid sims for cum etc.

In addition, I also use Poser 9 for additional dynamic clothing,  Poseray (free, for converting models to OBJ format), Filterforge (commercial, for textures mainly) and I guess that’s it. I can also recommend XNView as a awesome image viewer because I use it all the time.

Do you take commissions?

No, I don’t take commissions. I’m doing this strictly for fun and a hobby, and like to take my time and possibly never finish. That just doesn’t mesh with commissioned work.

Can I make requests? Or suggestions?

I don’t take requests but I am open to suggestions. You can suggest stuff in social media and possibly later on this site as well. I don’t make any promises, though, and suggested images tend to take a long while and end up being something else than originally suggested.

How can I support you?

Comment, share, spread the word, be nice (to everyone). I don’t have a patreon or such (at least as of now) so there isn’t a way to support me financially.

Will you do…

  • Anything gay? No, I’m just not into men. More power to you if you are though.
  • Dickgirls or futanari? Probably not but I guess femdom on futa could happen sometime. Honestly though, I think there’s enough stuff of dickgirl being done in 3DX and hentai without my participation.
  • Cuckolding? No, not really. Cuckolding isn’t my thing. Couple of girls excluding a guy can happen but does that really count?
  • Chastity? Yes, this will probably happen (if it hasn’t happened already).
  • Incest fantasies? No – again, not my thing.
  • Spanking? Maybe. It really isn’t my thing but it isn’t ruled out either.
  • Giantess? Could happen but probably nothing of Kink Kong scale to be expected. Possibly some “amazon” type of thing (twice the size of the man or something like that) if it can hold my interest.
  • Tickling or tickle torture? Yes.
  • Stinky feet or socks? Probably nothing “nasty” or strictly feet focused but overall feet are part of the equation every now and then.

Have you ever considered teaming up with a writer and producing a book or comic strip?

Not really. Big part of the appeal for doing these images is just to indulge in taking as long as I want without any responsibility to anyone else. I don’t mind working with and for other people but this stuff is my escape from all that. So if I’ll ever finish a story, I’ll do it by myself too.

Why do you tag stuff as reverse rape? Isn’t it just rape? And also why is it that when the girl is on top it’s reverse rape?

I tag them as “reverse rape” for strictly practical reasons for anyone trying to find F/m rape fantasy stuff or just femdom sex with “regular” fucking instead of strapon sex for instance. “Reverse rape” has become a fairly widespread and common term for that sort of porn (which is usually obviously staged) whereas “rape” (as porn) mostly brings up maledom stuff (that can seem legitimately abusive). It’s porn tagging logic and I’d love for there to be a better term to use because I’m aware that labels like this can (and do) affect people’s views on the phenomena.

Personally I always like to keep things at least somewhat playful even if the guys may have chewed a bit more than they think they can handle. How did he get bound so elaborately in the first place? I push the guys’ seeming distress to communicate the feeling of helplessness which can be a big turn-on in BDSM and especially bondage.  As the illustrator of the scene I know he silently agrees when she says “I know you want it” as troubled as I may depict him. That’s a huge difference to how a similar scenario would unfold out in real life. It’s staged and thus we know it’s safe to enjoy it – like any fiction.

In the context of real life, though, I think “reverse” rape as a concept is just nonsense.