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A few technical notes on “The Girl Upstairs)

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I tried out many new things with this one, from a technical perspective.

Initially the image started out as just an exercise to see if I could Get Redviper’s soap foam textures (from the free Easy shader Evolution pack for Poser) to look any good in DAZ Studio using the Ubersurface 2 shader which supports layered textures. I think it worked out okay after some fiddling. By that point I had developed a vague idea for the final image.

I also managed to get the dynamic shirt the guy is wearing (it’s a V4 cloth) to actually fit him without adjusting scale and such by creating a M4 fit morph for it. That makes working with the garment so much easier.

Michael is also using V4 UV-maps and wearing a V4 skin texture.

And finally, I created a fix morph for the girl (for this specific pose) that cleaned up some of her problematic joints – like the shoulders and her left elbow – along with few other things. I don’t know if it was worth the work in this case (postwork would probably have been faster) but in any case there’s only minimal postwork to this image, just some color adjustments and a minor tweak on her left hand.

Custom morphs should prove far more useful for characters of the fleshier kind – with big breasts and full figures which rarely look soft and organic enough out of the box.